Museum of Illusions Dubai: Optical Marvel

Get yourself tricked at Dubai Museum of Illusions, a world of visual and optical illusions. Located at Al Seef along Dubai Creek, this magnificent museum includes more than 60 interactive exhibits that will confuse your mind, trick your senses, and terrify you, as nothing appears to be what you see.

The Dubai edition of the international museum chain, which debuted in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015, is the largest to date, with many interactive exhibits. The mind-bending optical illusions, holograms, stereograms as well as a playroom with puzzles will definitely challenge the mind. This world of illusions is designed to fool your mind, challenge your senses, elevate your thinking and imagination, educate you in a fun way, and thoroughly confuse you because nothing is as it appears.

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  • Explore mind-bending exhibits that will make you question your eyes at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai.

  • Visit different rooms and installations like Vortex Tunnel and Anti Gravity Room that will teach you, nothing is as ever quite as it seems.

  • Experience the mind-boggling holograms and optical illusions in the Image Rooms that will astonish your perceptions of things.

  • Get ready for a fun-filled experience as you enter the Ames Room and see people appear like dwarves and giants.

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Kindly carry a valid ID proof while visiting the palace such as your passport copy or Emirates ID.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum.
  • The museum is wheelchair/stroller accessible except 3 exhibits - Vortex Tunnel, Ames Room and Anti Gravity Room.
  • Tickets are not refundable, and cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.
  • Lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets cannot be replaced or refunded and you may not gain admittance to the Museum.
  • Please do not jump up and down or climb on the handrail. Running in the Vortex Tunnel is not permitted.
  • People with balance problems and epilepsy are not recommended to visit the Tilted Room in the museum.
  • Holders of Emirates People of Determination (specially-abled) ID cards and elderly visitors above the age of 60 years may be charged at discounted prices.
  • Please keep the required distance of at least 2 metres from other visitors, including the supervisors and employees of the museum.
  • Limited number of 54 visitors at the same time are allowed in the museum. Up to 5 members of a single group will be allowed to enter.
  • Large bags and backpacks should not be brought inside the museum.
  • Museum Of Illusions tickets can only be used once.
  • Please note that the Museum Of Illusions Dubai ticket is a fixed day ticket. This ticket can only be redeemed on the date for which you've booked the ticket, it can't be redeemed on any other day.
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Why You Should Go for Museum of Illusions Dubai?

Why You Should Go for Museum of Illusions Dubai?
  • Buy the Museum of Illusions Dubai tickets and explore the world of illusion which is so amazingly constructed.
  • You’ll get to visit the three intriguing sections of the exhibits: Grand Illusions, Master Illusions and Optical Illusions.
  • Visit the Chair Illusion, Vortex Tunnel, gravity-defying slanting room, Infinity Room, and Ames room are among the popular attractions in the venue.
  • The museum, which is intended for people of all ages, allows visitors to interact with the exhibits and take numerous photographs.
  • The interactive exhibits are both entertaining and educational, encouraging you to learn more about the science behind them.
  • You’ll end up appreciating the team of highly skilled architects and designers who have used their skill sets, as well as subjective aspects to precisely fool your eye and brain.

Know Before You Go To Museum of Illusions Dubai

Location & Timings
Age Restrictions & Facilities
How to Reach
Location & Timings


Bld. 17, Heritage Area, Al Seef Dubai, United Arab Emirate


  • Monday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday (and public holidays): 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

The Dubai Museum of Illusions is best visited early in the morning or late in the evening. This is the time when the crowds are less and you can experiment and enjoy various illusions without being surrounded by a rush of people. Also, you’ll get plenty of space to get clicked in front of various exhibits without any disturbances.

Exhibits at Museum of Illusions Dubai

The Museum of Illusions Dubai provides a space suited to entertaining tours into the world of illusions, which has delighted visitors of all ages and provided them with an unforgettable experience. Enjoy over 60 visual artifacts, various exhibits at the Museum of Illusions Dubai, and immersive rooms designed to tease the senses and trick the mind.

The Museums of Illusions Dubai tickets gives you access to a total of 20 incredible exhibits, each ready to blow your mind. The Rotated Room, Optical Illusions, Hologram, Head on the Platter, and Anti Gravity Room are some of the most important and creative rooms, along with the others.

Rotated Room
Rotated Room

If you want to see something incredibly amazing that will alter your perspective, head towards the Rotated Room. Turn around at full 90 degrees, and get an excellent backdrop for the most outstanding photos imaginable.

Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions

The Optical Illusion’s walls feature a puzzling collection of images that use color, light, and patterns to trick your eyes into playing mind games with your brain. These optical illusions serve as a reminder that our senses are flawed and that our perception of the world is frequently distorted. Simply staring at them for 30 seconds or less will reveal things shrinking, moving, disappearing, and so on.


The Museum of Illusion tickets also give you access to the Holograms exhibit, which portray images that create three-dimensional illusions. In their most basic form, they can already be found in our daily lives on bank notes and credit cards. But because the museum stands out in its optical magic, everything will seem different.

The Dubai edition is proud to have the largest collection of hologram images, which range from holographic portraits to horror-grams, images that appear and disappear before your eyes, and images that transform from one type to another.

Swap Noses
Swap Noses

This one is the most amazing, and somewhat funny exhibit that you’ll witness in this museum. You have to stand on opposite sides of the mirror and align your face with the person on the other side of the mirror. You’ll see how both your noses align, and create a different nose altogether.


Enter the amazing world of kaleidoscopes, and experience the fun in your very own way. Instead of playing around with colorful papers and other props, visitors here create vivid patterns in this room of the Museum of Illusion.

Head on the Platter
Head on the Platter

If you’ve ever wanted to put someone's head on a tray, your wish will get granted in this Head on a Platter exhibit. Here you can discover the illusion of a hidden body, an illusion so brilliantly created that even when you know where the rest of the body is hidden, seeing just ahead on the platter still surprises you.

The Chair Illusions
The Chair Illusions

The Chair Illusions exhibit is based on psychologist Jean Beuchet's chair illusion and allows you to experiment with perception laws in which the person sitting on the chair appears to be much smaller than the person standing nearby.

Basically, this exhibit distorts the laws of proportion and manipulates your point of view. It's incredible how a person's perceived size is affected by the objects around it. Simply click from the correct angle to take home a brilliantly puzzling photo illusion featuring a tiny you sitting on a chair.

Ames Room
Ames Room

This beautiful but casual-looking room has been expertly distorted to create an amazing visual illusion. Dwarfs and giants do not only exist in fairy tales but they exist in this room too. You'll be either a giant or a dwarf depending on which corner of the room you stand in. Witness how a person walking back and forth grows or shrinks right in front of your eyes.

Anti-Gravity Room
Anti-Gravity Room

The Anti-Gravity Room, as the name implies, makes you appear to be floating in space or even upside down, depending on where you stand. This room is a brain teaser that will have you questioning the laws of physics! In fact, you won't be able to tell whether you're standing on a flat or slanted surface. The famous Michael Jackson pose should undoubtedly be photographed here.

Tips To Visit Museum of Illusions Dubai

  • It is recommended that you book the Museum of Illusions Dubai tickets beforehand to avoid a hassle free experience.
  • Check their website or call ahead of time to learn about the various sessions so that you do not have to wait outside for an extended period of time before they let you in.
  • Don't forget to bring your camera and get all ready, because the museum has pretty backdrops to get photographed in.
  • If you enjoy the Museum of Illusions' real exhibits, you can purchase smaller versions of the optical illusions from the museum's small retail counter.

Museum of Illusions Dubai FAQs

What is the Museum of Illusions about?

    The Museum of Illusions is all about exhibits that deceive you into believing in optical illusions. This museum is so well-designed that anyone who enters should be prepared to have their minds blown. The exhibits are engaging and interactive, and visitors enjoy taking pictures while attempting to figure out how the illusional place works.

What are the different exhibits to experience at the Museum of Illusions Dubai?

How much does it cost to visit the Museum of Illusions Dubai?

How big is the Museum of illusions?

What are the different accessibilities you can expect at Museum of Illusions Dubai?

What to experience in the Smart Playroom at Museum of Illusions Dubai?

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