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The Museum of Illusions Dubai located is in Dubai’s Al Quoz district. This location makes it easily accessible from any side as it is in the All Seef city near Dubai Creek.


Museum of Illusions Dubai timings follow general timing that is from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm. Thus, they stop the last entry at 9 pm. This lets you have a comfortable period of one hour to go through the Museum which is ample.

Best Time To Visit Museum Of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai presents Illusions that expand your mind and transport you to a world far away. To witness its capability of capturing your mind you can visit the space during its open hours. The Museum of Illusions Dubai timings are 10 am till 10 pm, from Sunday to Wednesday. On the rest of the days, it remains open from 10 am till midnight. As daytime in Dubai is unbearably hot, you can enjoy the creative energy of the Illusions in a better space in the Museum. Plan for a session of at least 60 minutes within the Museum of Illusions Dubai timings to enjoy the Museum of Illusions which offers various games, puzzles, and other fun activities.

Tips For Visiting Museum Of Illusions

Tips For Visiting Museum Of Illusions
  • As the name suggests the Museum of Illusions will deliver on its name and transport you to a world of mystique.
  • The Museum features over 80 illusions that are immersive and deeply deceiving that you are sure to enjoy each second of it.
  • It is now in Dubai, expanding further as a multinational Museum chain.
  • The 80 exhibits contain pieces from optical illusions and holographs that are placed to create the theme.
  • With the change in your movement, the illusions and other pieces also change their face to increase or decrease the effects of the illusion.
  • An ample time of 60 minutes will be sufficient for the perusal.

How To Reach The Museum Of Illusions

Reaching the Museum of Illusions Dubai location would be an easy task as it is accessible by both the Deira side as well as the Bur Dubai side. From the Deira side, you can opt for the affordable option of the metro, till Baniyas Square, 6 km from the Museum. Beyond that, you can hire an abra to cross the creek making your journey short.

Coming from the Bur Dubai side, you can similarly opt for the metro to Al Fahidi Station, 1km from the Museum. You can also opt to take a taxi from either end of the Museum to ease up on the journey. The Museum falls 17 km from Jumeirah Beach and 8km from Dubai International Airport.

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  • Explore mind-bending exhibits that will make you question your eyes at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai.

  • Visit different rooms and installations like Vortex Tunnel and Anti Gravity Room that will teach you, nothing is as ever quite as it seems.

  • Experience the mind-boggling holograms and optical illusions in the Image Rooms that will astonish your perceptions of things.

  • Get ready for a fun-filled experience as you enter the Ames Room and see people appear like dwarves and giants.

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Kindly carry a valid ID proof while visiting the palace such as your passport copy or Emirates ID.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum.
  • The museum is wheelchair/stroller accessible except 3 exhibits - Vortex Tunnel, Ames Room and Anti Gravity Room.
  • Tickets are not refundable, and cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.
  • Lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets cannot be replaced or refunded and you may not gain admittance to the Museum.
  • Please do not jump up and down or climb on the handrail. Running in the Vortex Tunnel is not permitted.
  • People with balance problems and epilepsy are not recommended to visit the Tilted Room in the museum.
  • Holders of Emirates People of Determination (specially-abled) ID cards and elderly visitors above the age of 60 years may be charged at discounted prices.
  • Please keep the required distance of at least 2 metres from other visitors, including the supervisors and employees of the museum.
  • Limited number of 54 visitors at the same time are allowed in the museum. Up to 5 members of a single group will be allowed to enter.
  • Large bags and backpacks should not be brought inside the museum.
  • Museum Of Illusions tickets can only be used once.
  • Please note that the Museum Of Illusions Dubai ticket is a fixed day ticket. This ticket can only be redeemed on the date for which you've booked the ticket, it can't be redeemed on any other day.
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FAQs Of Museum Of Illusions Dubai

What is so special about the Museum of Illusions?

    The Museum of Illusions is a composition of 80 different pieces of optical and holographic illusions that fills you with wonder. These are interactive exhibits taking you along a journey where you get to learn the science behind them as well. You can click amazing photos and have a fun day out here which you shouldn't miss. Being one of Dubai’s popular destinations, the Museum of illusions Dubai timings range from 10 am to 10 pm.

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